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The professional certifications are

  • Associate Specialist in Estate Planning - ASEP

  • Associate Financial Wellness Coach - AFWC

The Certification is for eligible learners who meet our competency standards Framework:

  1. complete the respective training programmes

  2. pass the examination or assessment (selected courses)

  3. pass the practicum (selected courses)

  4. other paper qualifications stipulated in the respective area of specialisation.

The prevailing certification fee is one-time payment for lifetime use. Eligible candidates must submit an official Application with supporting documents. (Note: Fees paid are non-refundable in the event application is rejected for failing to meet the qualifying criteria fully.)

For detailed information - refer to the ASEP and AFWC drop-down menu.

Important Note:  It is serious breach of professional ethics to use the ASEP and AFWC designation without formal application and approval of the Certification Body. In the event of such breach, your employer and the licensing authority will be notified.

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