Certification - Competency Standards

One-time designation fee payment for lifetime use!
No annual renewal  or association membership fee!


Effectively, we defer all certification services temporary until further notice. This is part of our regular review with our certification partners. Please do not submit any application/fee, we are unable to process it.

The Certification is awarded to learners who have met the competency standards by completing the training, passing the mandatory examination and meeting other qualifying criteria stipulated in the respective area of specialisation.


Singapore Professional Centre and Wealth College (as the Certification Body) shall jointly award the following professional designation:

  • Associate Specialist in Estate Planning - ASEP®


  • Associate Financial Wellness Coach - AFWC

Certification for financial planners

Certification for non-financial planners

Note: It is serious breach of professional ethics to use any of the above professional designation without formal application and approval of the Certification Body. In the event of such breach, your employer and the licensing authority will be notified.

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