The Uniqueness of our Courses

Learners who pass the mandatory exams of our courses (and meet other qualifying criteria) are eligible to apply for a professional designation in the respective area of specialisation. The certification is jointly awarded by Singapore Professional Centre & Wealth College
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At Wealth College, we offer you  top-quality financial education using proven field-tested learning and planning tools plus methodologies developed and delivered by wealth planning experts. Participants of our programs will be equipped with practical tools to jump-start their practice with competency.


Over the years, Wealth College has conducted courses, seminars and  workshops for major insurance companies, leading local and foreign banks; independent financial advisory firms; and major corporations from the private and public sectors. In addition, we conduct financial wellness programmes for individuals from all walks of life.

Whether you are a financial services practitioner or a member of the public, life-long learning is critical. Wealth College is dedicated to educate, equip and empower you to succeed personally and professionally!

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Several of our courses are FTS eligible for 50%/90% funding level.
**FTS Eligible programme is recognised under the Financial Training Scheme (FTS) and is eligible for FTS claims subject to all eligibility criteria being met. Please note that in no way does this represent an endorsement of the quality of the training provider and programme. Participants are advised to assess the suitability of the programme and its relevance to participants’ business activities or job roles. The FTS is available to eligible entities based on the prevalent funding eligibility, quantum and caps. FTS claims may only be made for recognised programmes with specified validity period. Please refer to for more information.

We focus on conducting private group training for companies to suit the busy schedules of their staff. Call or email us for a discussion!

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