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Bernard's Conversation on CNA938 Live - Money Mind
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Credit: These audio conversations were first broadcast in Dollars & Cents segment with Chew Wui Lynn and Stanley Leong on CNA938 Live.  Copyright Channel News Asia.

More people are getting involved in the gig economy, doing short-term and freelance projects. How can they manage their finances to prepare for the future? 

Some of us may, at times, feel the pinch when we overspend. How can we manage our spending so that we don't run into debt? And is there such a thing as good debt?

What is retirement? Are you financially prepared for it? Here's a fresh perspective on retirement from Bernard Lim.

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Spreading the word on financial wellness

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Ready to Get Published

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When financial advisers misbehave

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Community Outreach Programme

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FinCARE® (Financial Coaching, Aid and Resilience Education) is a community outreach initiative launched in October 2013.  Wealth College had been the sponsor of the Student Engagement & Educational Development (S.E.E.D.) Money programme as part of FinCARE® community service project under the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

In August 2019, FinCARE was renamed and registered as Fincare Global Pte Ltd - a social enterprise to enhance our financial wellness programmes.

In September 2019, Fincare Global Pte Ltd becomes a member of the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE). For more info, visit

FinCARE name and Fincare logo are registered trademarks of Wealth Hub Pte Ltd. Any use without prior written permission is a violation of IP laws.

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