Do Good. Do Right

In October 2013, we collaborate with IFPAS Alliance to form a community services initiative called FinCARE® (Financial Coaching, Aid and Resilience Education), to provide financial counselling and education to the needy in our community. Our Principal at Wealth College, Bernard Lim spearheads the FinCARE® initiative which partners with The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund and Fei Yue Community Services.


In a press interview at the launch of FinCARE®, Bernard Lim (Founder & President) said, "We see a dire need, reinforced by recent news about rising credit card debt. People who are in the best position to address the issue are financial services professionals. We can help people break out of the poverty cycle by teaching them how to manage money, even basic things like budgeting, understanding value, and starting to invest. By understanding the problems of welfare clients, how debt works and bankruptcy issues, our members can also understand their own work better."

On 15 August 2019, Fincare Global Pte Ltd was registered as a social enterprise to enhance our financial wellness programmes. In September 2019, Fincare Global became a member of raiSE, Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise

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