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Wealth College is the education and training unit of Wealth Hub Pte Ltd - an enterprise registered in Singapore since 2007 (ACRA BRN 200702674R).

Wealth College courses are practical, field-tested and designed for practitioners as well as members of the public to enhance their professional and personal development. We educate, equip and empower practitioners to jump-start their practice instantly! 

Since early 2007, we have launched a number of highly practical seminars, courseware and accreditation which has drawn rave reviews from the market. These courses are developed in collaboration with or use tools developed by major bodies of:

  • Personal Finance Education for Employees Foundation (USA) – headed by Emeritus Professor Thomas E Garman of Virginia Tech University

  • Financial Wellness Associates (USA) – founded by Dr Ronald W Wall of University of Hawaii 

  • Financial Psychology Corporation (USA) – headed by founder Dr Kathleen Gurney

Our local and foreign partners are

  • Fincare Global Pte Ltd (SGP)

  • Financial Psychology Corporation (USA)

  • Money Quotient (UK)

  • Personal Finance Employees Education Foundation (USA)


Over the years, Wealth College has conducted courses, seminars and workshops for major insurance companies, leading local and foreign banks; independent financial advisory firms; and major coprorations from the private and public sectors. In addition, we conduct financial wellness programmes for individuals from all walks of life.

The founder of Wealth College, Bernard Lim spearheads the financial services industry's community service initiative - FinCARE® (Financial Counselling, Aid & Resilience Education). Financial services practitioners undergo a training program to provide financial counselling to the needy in our community. Wealth College had been the sponsor of the S.E.E.D. Money program for the beneficiaries of The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

Council of Advisers & Trainers

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